Our staff are much more than employees to us; they are our friends and sisters. The women who work for HCO Kenya are with us for a reason. We believe that God has brought each of them into our family for the purpose of showing them how loved, cherished and special they are. In a culture that does not value women or show physical evidences of love, we strive to make it abundantly clear to them that they are valued and loved by their Heavenly Father. We want them to look forward to coming to work because they are coming to a place where they are welcomed, appreciated and a part of a greater thing. What they do here makes a difference, and it could not be done without them!

HCO Founder/Director, Trena Ivy, has a special place in her heart for these women and her passion for them drives the heart of the ministry. She teaches the aunties each week, and spends time discipling and investing in the lives of the administration women, who in turn, carry that to the other women on staff. Our aunties participate in Bible studies, times of fellowship and worship, relaxing times of hanging out and sharing with each other, as well as one on one times with their own mentors and encouragers. And just as our own aunties are taught, they are encouraged and empowered to take what they have learned and the love they have known into their own communities. It is incredibly exciting to see how they have grown in their own faith and are excited to share that within their own families and groups of friends. The aunties also lead community “fellowships” within our own area, where women from our neighborhood come to learn and be encouraged as well.