Though most people equate His Cherished Ones with our work with babies and women, our men are most certainly not forgotten! Just as we desire that the women in our community know how much they are truly loved and valued, we desire the same for our men. We have some wonderful men on our staff who are eager to learn more and grow in their faith.

Men have such a valuable and unique role in the family unit, as well as in the community. We deeply desire to reach men and teach them the value of leading their families with strength, integrity and honor. Through building relationships, we want to use biblical truth to empower men to be the agents of change within their homes. We desire to see the men in our communities instill value, love and security within their children, and to become self-sustaining providers for their families.

Coming in early 2017, HCO will welcome a new team member from the United States, coming expressly to invest in the lives of the men of HCO and the greater Nakuru community. Jim Mroczko will be joining the ministry in Kenya to reach out to these men, teaching, discipling and encouraging them to make a difference in their community. If you would like to know more about his ministry or help support the work he will be doing in Kenya, visit his website at