Haven of Hope Baby Center began in August 2009 and has since been home to many precious babies as they have waited to be united with their families. Each and every baby who has come into our home is valued, special and deeply cherished to us, and to God. Regardless of their circumstance, each of these children deserve the love of their Heavenly Father, and it is our privilege to be the arms of Christ to show them that love.

It is our desire that our babies live in families, not in an institution. We currently have two separate houses, or cottages, within our very large building that was graciously given to us in 2012. Ideally, each home “family” would have 7-8 babies with two daytime aunties and two nighttime aunties. Over the past year, we have outgrown those numbers and each home averages 10 babies. Our homes are designed to be like families where the children mix and learn from each other. They are not split by age. Their aunties are their own stand-in mamas who love each of them dearly and know the tiniest details of their likes, dislikes, developments and milestones. We consider it an honor and a blessing to be a part of these babies’ lives as they wait to be with their forever families.
Each child that comes through our door is loved and remembered.