This little shy girl, Rebekah, has been at Haven of Hope for almost one year. She is one of the sweetest, most gentle little girls ever. She may be a little reserved, but she has the most heart warming smile when she opens it up. It took Rebekah a long time to open up and be comfortable here. She was so quiet and hesitant. Though she is still a quiet little girl, she has certainly settled in and become comfortable. She has such a spark of sweetness and her laugh is just precious.IMG_1289

My favorite time to see Rebekah’s face light up is when she sees my Julia come in. They really love each other! It makes my heart happy.

Rebekah likes to sing, be read to, and be held. She will look sweetly into the face of the one talking to her, and with such a gentle manner.IMG_0829

Rebekah is currently waiting to be freed for adoption. She will love having the attention, love and cuddles of a mama.