His Cherished Ones, Inc was established in 2009 for the purpose of promoting the value of family and offering the hope of a future; for sharing God's love with those in great need of the unconditional love of a Heavenly Father. We believe that God deeply loves and cherishes all of His children, and that through Jesus, all are worthy of that love.

 His Cherished Ones promotes the value of family and offers the hope of a future to:

* Abandoned & orphaned infants & toddlers by providing them with a safe and loving home while they wait for permanent placement with their "forever families." ~ Haven of Hope Baby Center

YOU can help!

A beautiful miracle

Every baby getting a family is a miracle. But this one…it was one we truly never thought would happen! This was a DOUBLE miracle!! Annie and Boaz went home with their mommy and daddy!  Because these two are siblings and they have other siblings and a known (but untraceable) mother, they will not be eligible for adoption. Considering that adoption is so new and unfamiliar

Today at the Baby House

This was five years ago today. Our dear friends, Myra & Allister, completed the basic construction of what is now our HCO baby house. They worked tirelessly for years…and we are the beneficiaries of their hard work and commitment. The vision God gave to them and their church in England is being carried out through His Cherished Ones.  We are so grateful to them